Mieko Hillman

Thank you so much for a wonderful day...it was an honor to work with you! You are an amazing person and gifted photographer. Thank you for your hospitality, warmth, light, tips, talent. artistry, time and love.


It was a pleasure working with Keren. She is very personable and warm. She makes you feel at home and very comfortable. She is also very skilled at what she does. She gives you great tips on how to get the best angle and the right emotion. She brings a lot of experience both on camera and behind the camera.

During the session she gave me a sneak peak of what she was shooting. It made feel more apart of the process. The session was very fun and creative...and it didn't feel like someone just cranking out a photo shoot.

Oh let me not forget to mention....I also loved working with her make up artist Dorite who was also such a pleasure. She kept the make up so beautiful, natural  and clean. She also has great energy. 

After the session Keren was very quick in giving me my pictures.... I was so happy with them. Affterwards we narrowed it down to the best pictures and she retouched them.....and still kept me looking natural.

My agents and manager are very happy with them. She really knows how to capture who you truly are. Thank you so much Keren!!! You are amazing!

Alison Dahlstrom

Keren is a fantastic photographer!!!! The MUA she works with is excellent as well. Together they helpedKeren is a fantastic photographer!!!! The MUA she works with is excellent as well. Together they helped me create very clean and perfect headshots which I will be using towards my acting portfolio. I was initially just planning to do two looks for our session but when I saw what a great job she was doing, I decided to go for the 5 package rate and I am so glad I did. Keren really knows how to give directions to her models. She is able to bring out the character in the eye and keep focus on what is most important in a headshot. I have no doubt she is going to become one of the most well known photographers in Los Angeles. me create very clean and perfect headshots which I will be using towards my acting portfolio. I was initially just planning to do two looks for our session but when I saw what a great job she was doing, I decided to go for the 5 package rate and I am so glad I did. 

Keren really knows how to give directions to her models. She is able to bring out the character in the eye and keep focus on what is most important in a headshot. I have no doubt she is going to become one of the most well known photographers in Los Angeles.

Lois Amber Toole

Keren is a brilliant photographer. She creates a warm, comfortable, working environment which really made my photo shoot a personal experience. She brings a positive, uplifting vibe which allows the client to feel relaxed and make the work a true collaboration. She is very highly skilled as both a director and a photographer, she knew exact colors, clothes and physical adjustments to compliment the shots. Keren is fearless in her work, producing both beautiful traditional shots and also allowing freedom to be creative, whilst still getting that perfect shot. She continuously showed me some of the shots through the duration of the shoot, which I loved. The combination of Keren and MUA Reyna Khalil made my overall photo shoot the best experience I've ever had! I've just received my shots, they're clean yet powerful and I can't wait to use them! If you're looking for new headshots, look no further! It's essential to have a photographer you can trust with the importance of new shots and you'll have so much fun with Keren along the way!

Karla Jordan

Keren is the most beautiful inside and out photographer I've ever worked with! Her talent and energy will definitely bring out the best in you! I'm so grateful to have met her and I will always go back to her Studio for headshots and/or any other project that I come across with. My Agent loved the pictures and I can't wait to see what they bring my way. Thank you, and amazing MUA Dorite G Nizzani, again for making work so much fun and easy for me! All the best!

Kevin Sinic

If you are looking for a photographer, look no more. Keren is the BOMB! She delivers top notch work cause she knows how to work it all; the camera, the light, the object. She made me feel comfortable and welcome. Together with her MUA (Dorite N. Nizzani)  she created a wonderful upbeat atmosphere, which fully allowed me to focus on my part of the job. Keren's headshots have already gotten me bigger auditions then what I went out for before. I can only recommend her. Whoever appears in front of Keren's lens is one lucky individual. She is constantly booked and has only been in Los Angeles a few months. It is just a matter of time until Keren Ben Ami becomes a household name in Hollywood.

Katy Evans

I could not be happier with the results from my shoot with Keren! She was so sweet and welcoming from the get go and made me feel comfortable. She helped me with posing and looks and being an actress herself at one point it made it easier because she knows what agents look for and knows also what it's like being on the actors/actresses side of the camera! She has great skills and her lighting is phenom! My photos are so beautiful and I'm so happy with them! I'm so happy to have found her! What a great studio as well! :) Thanks Keren! You rock! xoxo

Madara Jayasena

I came to Keren a little nervous, but after reading many rave reviews about her I felt I had made the right choice. She did not disappoint! Keren quickly relaxed my bundle of nerves from the beginning with an iced coffee and some reassuring words that made me realize this was not going to be a rushed shoot. Her make up artist was very talented and very skilled at "natural" makeup. She made me feel very comfortable and kept touching base with me to make sure I felt good about the makeup. I usually hate headshot sessions but Keren knew exactly how to get me to relax and get interesting expressions out of me. The shots she took of me are my best headshots yet, and I can't wait to use them. I feel like she did a really wonderful job of capturing my essence! She has a knack for directing actors and knowing how to connect with people. Also what I really appreciated was how easy it was to work with Keren when it came to retouching the shots, she was very flexible and wanted it to be done just right. Also she got them back to me super fast! I would highly recommend Keren, you won't regret it! 

Blu Hunt

Keren is the best!!! I absolutely loved shooting with her. She creates a super relaxed and open environment, she really cares about you as a person and is determined to get a shot that represents you. She's so kind and fun, and the photos all turned out beautiful, I didn't even know I could look that good. She's very skilled and my time with her was productive and creative and I left the shoot feeling really great. (Also her MUA was fabulous too)

Iohana Sanchez

I love Keren! She is the absolute best! Keren is beyond talented. She's got a great eye and goes the extra mile to bring her vision to life. You can tell she's passionate about her work. She's really dedicated to making the end result of anything she works on magnificent. Every time I've worked with her I've had nothing but great experiences. I've always felt comfortable and inspired. She will bring out the best in you and you will get amazing shots. I highly recommend Keren!

Athanasios Krommydas

I lovMy experience with Keren was amazing. She is such a wonderful person and by the moment I arrived at her studio I felt comfortable and ready to work. She's really passionate about her work and a true professional! During the shoot, she also gave me tips about angles, how to relax my lips and how to engage my eyes more. The headshots turned out to be great and definitely if I need new ones I will once again work with her! If you want new headshots, she's your person to go to.eKeren! She is the absolute best! Keren is beyond talented. She's got a great eye and goes the extra mile to bring her vision to life. You can tell she's passionate about her work. She's really dedicated to making the end result of anything she works on magnificent. Every time I've worked with her I've had nothing but great experiences. I've always felt comfortable and inspired. She will bring out the best in you and you will get amazing shots. I highly recommend Keren!

Shireen Crutchfield

Just had new pics taken with Keren Ben Ami... First, GREAT PICTURES!! Just the headshots I needed to help take my acting career to the next level! She is a very professional and intuitive photographer with an equally amazing hair and makeup artist, Dorite G. Nizzani. A pleasure to work with and a flow that put me at ease. I knew the photos would be perfect!

Juli Navarrete

This was the BEST! Keren was soo nice and alot of fun to work with! All the shots came out so beautiful! I honestly can't express enough how inspired I am to have worked with her! She's kind of poetic with it actually, not just she uses amazing equipment to get an amazing shot(which she does) but the way she uses you and instructs you and is inspired by you to really get the best shot of you is poetic. Thank you so much Keren for an amazing experience!

Carissa Ashly

Keren is such a beautiful soul! She makes you feel at ease from the moment you arrive at the studio. Being comfortable is such an integral part of taking great photos and she really understands that. After all, you want to reflect yourself and personality fully in your headshots. She's patient and good at directing you to make sure she is capturing you at the best angle with the best possible lighting. Keren has a strong sense of when the photo is "right" and she'll keep plugging away until you're both happy with the shot. 

Keren is also a multitalented artist and is wonderful to collaborate with for more creatively motivated shoots. I recommend her across the board. :)

David Basila

What a great experience from start to stop. And a ton of fun in between.  Had such a professional and rewarding experience working with both Keren and her makeup genius Miriam!  The pictures were awesome and the level of choices I was left with was astounding!! 

Agents are happy and most important,  I AM HAPPY!!

See you next year!!

Marley Uribe

Keren is amazing.  Since the moment I walked in for our creative shoot I knew that I was in good hands.  Her styling,  directions,  and use of light are simply superb.  She has knowledge of what editorials and casting directors want and it shows.  She taught me posing techniques and I  feel more secure as a model and actress ever since her session. I can't wait to see our work. I'm sure it'll open up many opportunities. 

Thanks Keren!

shevalier shehantha

I've had my headshots taken by many photographers in Los Angeles and Keren is by far the best! An actress and a director herself, she knew how to direct me. She has a knack for choosing the best angles to shoot from and to color-coordinate and layer the outfits to bring out different looks. Kayle Williams who did my hair and make up was a great help too. They were both very amiable, professional and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with them.

Emma Maddock

I recently shot with Keren and had such a great time. As all actors know, getting head shots etc can be super stressful and you have to trust the photographer to capture what you want to portray. Keren was so warm and welcoming, instantly making you feel comfortable. You can tell that she is passionate about her job and does it very well. I highly recommend working with Keren. She truly captured my essence instead of just a generic picture that a lot of photographers will try and pass off as a good quality head shot. She's amazing at what she does and also an amazing person! Her MUA also did a great job and talked to me about what I wanted to accentuate etc. Overall, fab experience!

Liat Shilo

Best photographer ever! 
Such a professional talented artist. Cant believe you made me beautiful, such an old ugly lady like me . Future customers are blessed and my children are between those!   If you are hesitating be sure you are in the right place!

Heather Pasternak

Keren was such a pleasure to work with! She has a great eye and is very warm, fun, creative and professional. I felt really comfortable and in good hands. She's very specific and calculating with light and angles, which really paid off in the photos. I'm so happy I shot with her!

Desiree Roby

Keren is GREAT! She is fantastic at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. During my session, I was so lucky to work with the amazing Dorite G. Nizzani! Having headshots taken can sometimes be stressful for actors but Keren and Dorite are so great at their jobs they just melted my worries away. I feel confident in submitting myself for roles with my new headshots. Thank you Keren!

Megan Mollet

Working with this beautiful, energetic positive woman was such a memorable experience. She is great with giving direction and keeping the shoot fun and organized. I am looking forward to working with Keren again. 

Ps. She has incredible coffee : )megan mollet

Cary Adams

Keren is great!  My manager recommended her to me and I'm very glad she did.  The photos turned out great and the shoot was very fun and easy.  We laughed a lot and she's a sweetheart of a human being. The photo shoot was quick, and she did a great job guiding me from behind the camera to help find what worked best for me, I had to get some kind of "silly" "more commercial looking" shots and she had a lot of ideas to the table.  Would shoot with again.

Suzanne Gallagher

I was referred to Keren by a friend of a friend. I had to get a headshot for my company's website-- not being accustomed to this world I was so nervous.  Keren made me feel so incredibly relaxed and comfortable during my shoot. She gave me some tips that helped so much and really made me feel so good about myself that I think shined through in the photos. I absolutely loved the pictures she took. She also works with an amazing hair stylist/ make-up artist. I highly recommend her!

Leslie Stratton

Working with Keren was an absolute dream! She is so detail focused and creative. I truly felt her positive energy as we moved throughout the shoot. Its hard to really feel comfortable sometimes with a photographer but she made me feel so at ease and really got my creative juices flowing. I'm so glad I got connected with Keren Ben Ami photography!

Meital Azulay

Keren is very creative, inspiring photographer. Things flowed effortlessly and her attention to detail is unique. The studio was professional and inviting. I have had a lot of experience with different photographers and I genuinely felt a great sense of comfort and professionalism with Keren. I loved the results I got and will definitely be back for more. VERY highly recommended. 

Bryan Cruz

I had a blast shooting with Keren. She was very professional, and enthusiastic about getting the best shots possible. Her years of experience are apparent when you get in front of the camera. As an actor, I look for someone I can be comfortable in front of . That person is Keren!

Sadie Sratton

Keren was a true pleasure to shoot with.  She has such a warm and generous presence that creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to shoot in.  Her MUH Dorite G. Nizzani is fantastic and did some of the best "clean" makeup I've had in recent history.  Her energy is inspiring!

Cindy Chu

Keren is first and foremost a wonderful human, as is her Hair/MUA I worked with that day, Dorite G. Nizzani.

Her energy was positive and upbeat and she was very sure of how to get what she needed.

She was great at giving me physical adjustments to get the best shot, and I just gave her all my trust to do what she does best!As we went on throughout the shoot, she would show me shots now and then that we all loved, and I am so glad I went to her and shot with her.

Keren will make sure you get what you need for your headshots while making you look amazing. If you're in need of a session, don't hesitate to call her!

Since I shot with her, I already booked some jobs!

She's my lucky charm now. :)

Rachel Be

Keren has an eye that is unmatched. She provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to allow full creativity to come through. She is focused on her subject and makes sure you get the best photos possible. I highly recommend her for all and any photo needs. -Rachel B.

Patrick Cronen

I had a fun shoot with Karen! We first met as a result of my work on soaps and in commercials, and our shoot was quick and very professional. Keren knows very specifically what she wants after years of work behind the camera, and has a great working relationship with her HMUA Dorite. She made me feel at home and comfortable in her studio, and we even took a break where she brought me some of her famous vegetable soup! If you're looking for a fun session, I recommend Keren Ben Ami!


Liesl Gaffeny Dawson

Keren has a beautiful smile, lots of energy and a charismatic personality. Her studio is very comfortable and you feel well looked after there. And she's very generous...giving me chocolates for Valentine's Day! 
She is great at creating traditional head shots. She also enjoys getting creative and took some photos of me I absolutely love when we started playing together.

Bailey Winston

Keren was Ana absolute angel. Not only did she make me feel comfortable, she was so warm and generous, with snacks, tea, a place to relax and music to set the mood! She was so talented and helpful in making the shots look right, and feel right. Highly recommend-she has great energy and spirit. Lucky to work with her:)

Troy Hatt

Keren Ben Ami came recommended from a close friend of mine. She was on time, professional and worked with my schedule. 

While working in front of the camera with her I learned a ton about angles, lighting and how to work the camera. I would definitely recommend her for Headshots, lifestyle shoots and anything else you may have in mind that needs a keen eye and steady hand :)










Shir Davidai

Keren is my favorite photographer; I have worked with her on several occasions and im consistently impressed with the quality of her work. she is always well prepared, scouting out great concepts and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

she is a fabulous photographer for both headshots, bodyshots and technical photos.

Her incredible depth of experience was invaluable for photos of my actor book. I would not hesitate to recommend Keren to any prospective client; she is professional,

friendly, and highly proficient, and i look forward to working with her again

Robin Lynn Plotnik

Incaredible experience!

My agent connected Keren and I together to shoot for her upcoming project "I-M". Our experience shooting together was great and I would recommend her to anyone looking for headshots or something artistic!

She even provided me with snacks and coffee. :)

A+ in my book!

Alexis Turner

Keren is such an energizing creative photographer! Such a joy to work with, and provides you with such unique work! An honor to work with her!

Rafael Solomon

Dear Keren,

firstly I wanted to thank you for the amazing time and the laughs we had together throughout our shooting day. You did my first book, and I was amazed to see how much you understand the mind of an actor and use it to maximise the results. And the most important thing I noticed was, that while you hold the camera, an enormous smile comes to your face almost instantly. It's so built in ypur system that I'm not sure you notice it every time it occurs. It only shows how much you love what you do, and you're just as much as good at it. I was always so insecure about photos of myself and thanks to you the insecurity is long gone. I wish you and your amazing family all the love and success in the world, I KNOW you'll get as far as you wish. And whatever you do, don't you ever stop smiling that smile.


Rafael Solomon

Shir Levinson

Keren my love!

You are amazing!

Thank you so so much for the shoot yesterday!

Thank you for your professionalism, your sensitivity and your ability to capture me in the most perfect photographs.

Apart from your professional aspects, I was introduced to an incredible and unique woman who I now hold dear to my heart.

Shir Levinson

Gal Sasson

A huge thank you to Keren for these amazing photos! I recommend her to anyone who wants headshots of the highest and most professional quality and attention to the smallest details. For the day of the shoot, I was asked by Keren to bring a few different outfits so that she could help choose which colors suit me and which are the best when photographed. During the shoot itself Keren made me feel so comfortable and free to be myself. She also made me aware as to which side of my face was more defined.

Apart from being a professional photographer, she is also an actor and that is a huge advantage when shooting headshots for actors. She made sure that my personality shined through in each picture and not just another dull shot.

We shot inside and outdoors and the end results were amazing! They helped me get auditions for a number of roles.




Lital Vasserman

This is what happens when you place talent, professionalism and love in one room…

A portfolio needs to be updated from time to time and after having many done in the past, I can definitely state that for the first time I felt comfortable throughout the whole day.

Keren, apart from your huge talent as a photographer, you managed to capture the most interesting moments so that there would be a variety of shots full of character!

Thank you for a fun and lovely experience! Highly recommended! 



Boaz Ben Zur

I have gotten countless recommendations about Keren. Before I choose a photographer, I almost always find out every possible detail about her. It was very important to me that she will be highly professional, that she will know exactly what is needed for the for all of the directors and casting agents, and nevertheless, it was important to me that I will feel comfortable around her.

The photo shoots were difficult at first; it took me a while to loosen up, after all, I didn’t pose for a photo shoot for the last three years. But Keren, with her grace, overwhelming personality and love for what she does was able to take all my fears away quickly.

I felt like a good old friend of mine is taking photos of me. For a moment there, I forgot I was working with one of the most talented and highly revered professional woman in the business. And that is her secret in my opinion; she is very social, and yet very professional. She is a perfectionist - seeing every little detail and always knowing how to position you such that the best outcome will be the only outcome. It was my pleasure working with her.


Shira Olmer


I got home smiling and in a great mood and I wanted to write to you straight away!

You are truly wonderful, and in the little I got to see I know I’m going to get great results! The homey, professional and warm atmosphere made me feel so comfortable. With the help of your experience and guidance I felt like I was bringing out the best sides of me, and I knew I could trust you 200% and just have fun and go for it. Such a great experience and for sure not a one time deal!

I really and truly thank you!

Shira Olmer"

Shiri Grossman

Dearest Keren,

I chose you to be my photographer based on your website alone. From the moment I went on your page it was obvious to me that you were the photographer for me. Your personal touch and the simplicity of your process and the truthfulness of your photos had me hooked immediately.

I am so happy that I trusted my instincts. The photoshoot and the pictures exceeded all of my expectations! You’re professional, talented and so nice to work with.

You immediately saw what suited me best and how to direct the shoot. You managed to bring the best out of me, both with my looks and my expression. The shoot was pleasant, fun and precise and I am not exaggerating when I say they were magical! It was such a great experience. 

I learnt a lot from the photoshoot and I am amazed at how the pictures turned out. To see myself through your lens makes me appreciate how I see myself. 

I am so excited that whoever sees my headshots will see and feel exactly who I am.

With great admiration, thank you from all my heart,

Shiri Grossman

Genia Snoop

To the one and only talented Keren,

I had such a pleasant, safe and fun experience with you.

The results were the same: Natural photos, filled with expression, and just as importantly, show what is beautiful in me.

You have and accurate eye and steady hand. 

I would love to have another session soon.


Noa Yarkony

So after a lot of consideration, a few unsuccessful attempts and some recommendations from my actor friends, I found myself shooting and acting portfolio with Keren Ben Ami.

A passionate woman opened the door to her studio and from then on – the photos talk for themselves.

The atmosphere was fun, pleasant and relaxing. Her full attention and big heart patiently brought out the best in me. I had so much fun throughout the whole process and on the day I got my headshots.

There aren’t many people who are talented who have a “magic hand” and all the heart to direct and succeed as well. 

Highly recommended! 

Hilla Kesstler

So I also just had my acting portfolio shot by Keren Ben Ami!

Keren I had the best time with you. Every moment was real, honest, different and empowering! It all started with your warm smile, pleasant and welcoming studio, heart-warming music that puts you in the right mood, your constant encouragement, and most importantly your desire to get me to show the real and honest me. I am so excited by my headshots and can’t wait to experience it all again in the future. 

I have had a lot of portfolios shot in the past but I have never been this pleased both from the day of the shoot and by the photographs. Keep going! I believe in you! You are the best!



Dana Liver

About a month ago I had a photoshoot with Keren Ben Ami to re-do my acting portfolio. 

I chose her as she was recommended to me by a few actors and after seeing her work online.

The whole process was so much fun and personal, from choosing the outfits, the make-up before the shoot and up to the amazing photos that I got.

The shoot itself was so much fun that she managed to bring out elements that even surprised me.

For all the actors looking for a photographer I fully recommend Keren Ben Ami!!

Dana Liver


Yehuda Nahari

When we are placed in front of a camera (still shots), it‏ is so exposing, it’s real, it pierces the soul and it immediately brings out all of our insecurities.

But when there is a photographer like Keren behind the camera you can relax, because her sensitivity and precision gives you the confidence to bare your soul and have it captured “on film”. Her professionalism and perfectionism brought me to portray the exact emotion and expression I wanted (with her direction). 

I highly recommend Keren for helping me show my talent. So Thank you Keren, I’ll be back soon for more!

Yehuda Nahari 


Kamila Yerushinska

Keren you are incredible!

Thank you so much for my amazing acting portfolio and for your great energy, smile, cookies, but most of all your professionalism!!!

The atmosphere during the session was wonderful from beginning to end, you give a lot of yourself and you have great intuition! 

Keren I highly recommend you for whoever needs a really good acting portfolio!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kamila Yerushiska

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