Having a gift for acting will not make any difference if you don’t share it. It is time to learn how to show your potential not just in auditions but also in front of the camera while being photographed. Join our Workshop for actors and learn all those things you need to know to get started. 

Instructor – What you'll work on

Keren Ben Ami

Photographer, director, model & actor Keren Ben Ami is an accomplished Headshot and High

Fashion Photographer born in Israel. She’s been dedicated to acting, modeling, dancing and

photography more than a decade. She regularly Directs High Fashion Editorials and Headshot

sessions for Actors and is always very involved with the concept, lighting and people in order to

get the best results. She has been directing High Fashion Editorials and Actor Headshot sessions

for years and works for Fashion Magazines and Model and Actor Agencies. She has experience

and knowledge of how to act in front of the camera and from being a great photographer/director/

model/actor she is also a “life coach” helping actors and models develop themselves from within

the huge and overcrowded industry.


What you will learn


This workshop offers actor the tools, techniques, insights and tactics to take great control of their Headshots and Acting career:


You will learn how to:


-Know your typecast & angles


-Pose in front of the camera -Prepare your audition


-Control the preassure & nerves in auditions


-Cast your character -Clothing, makeup and hair choices for auditions


-Face specific kind of auditions


What you will get within the workshop Included in the price


each student will be provided with: -Make-up & Hair Artist consultation -15 minutes individual

work (minimum) -Behind the Scenes material for personal use -Snacks and a nice and multi-

cultural atmosphere


How much


125.00$ per student More information


-Classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 3pm and 7pm to 11pm at Keren Ben Ami

Photography Studio in Los Angeles.


-Workshop Groups of minimum 6 and maximum 10 people.


-One-on-one sessions with actors, lasting one hour (1h), are available under specific bookings.


We will provide constructive feedback of current Headshots, discuss of casting range and career

goals with a detailed and personalized advice for your next session, no matter the photographer.


-Booking your Headshot session in the Workshop day will give you a special discount from the total price


For enrollement and more inquiries please write an email to:

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